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What we stress furniture look like Habersham plantation

Head restraints with carved details are ideal for the application of a distressed finish.

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Habersham plantation furniture is known for its beautiful, old world feel and tortured surface. With intricate carvings and heavy design pieces fit Habersham perfectly in every home with an old Tuscan, French country or Shabby Chic d├ęcor. Habersham plantation, also known as Habersham home, offers everything from formal to casual furniture, so that the appearance can be deployed anywhere in your home. Learn how you can furniture, replicating what distress popular collection Habersham search no flea market, to turn into a conspicuous statement in your home.

Similar keywords: difficulty: moderate EasyInstructions things you'll NeedDrop cloth60 grit sandpaper or grinding block Hammer (optional) wire BlockSuggest Edits1, conical PaintbrushStir SticksPaint TraysPaint RollersCoffee-colored LaTeX PaintCream-colored LaTeX paint120 sand paper or brush (optional) tack clothVacuum2 inch

Place a drop cloth down on a cool, dry, covered area such as the garage. Set the furniture to the drop cloth. Sure it Center in an area where it is easy to access all the time.


You use 60-sandpaper or grinding block remove previous destination from the piece of furniture. Remove the surface loops in a long time, even blows in the direction of the grain of the wood.


Enable your sandpaper or sanding block with the goal in all hacks or patches to the furniture surface remove an angle. Distressed furniture underlines these errors so that she complicated one part of the design.


Increase the distressed look by adding a few own spots. Hit the surface of the furniture gently with a hammer. With a wire brush, rough edges, door hinges, drawer pulls and other areas that occur natural wear and tear which.


All clean up dirt from the grinding process left behind. Use a cloth PIN to clean up the debris. Vacuum left until everything behind it.


Open the coffee-colored paint, stir it with a stirring stick to combine all particles. Immerse a 2 inch, beveled brush in the paint. Paint the edges of the furniture, painting in a long time, carefully even blows in the direction of the grain of the wood. Paint the detailed areas of the furniture, not easily covered with a paint roller.


Roll roller by the coffee-colored paint. The rest of the furniture carefully assign color. In a long time, even beats with the grain of the wood to apply the color, use the paint roller. Allow the paint dry fully let and touch up if necessary.


The coffee-colored primer paint over a painting cream. Use the same steps 6 and 7 described techniques. Make sure to use a clean brush and paint roller.


Stop using 120-sandpaper or grinding block to create the non-performing. The sand removed the cream color of selected steps 3 and 4 of the distressed areas. Work with strokes in the direction of the grain of the wood, use a light touch. Remove only the cream color, so that the shine through coffee-colored varnish.

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Apply a topcoat helps seal and protect the wood, preserved from the other unintended tribulation. Habersham plantation used furniture often shades of Brown and cream.

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