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To replace the pull ropes on Homelite E-Z chainsaws

E-Z pull printing this ArticleThe on Homelite chain saws ropes turn when pulled, the flywheel and the crankshaft. If the flywheel and crankshaft quickly rotate enough, up to the spark plug of visiting an electric charge, the gas is ignited and the engine starts. Therefore can not without this cable the E-Z chainsaw drag started. Pulling ropes can easily damage when the operator pulls too hard on the rope; If he lets go of the rope abruptly, so that the rope again click; and when oil, dirt, or pitch on the rope.

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Place the chainsaw on a Workbench. Take at the safety brake, and solve the chain brake, using one of your model chainsaw. Turn the ignition on the setting of "Off". Lift the rubber boot off the tip of the spark plug on the engine.


Unscrew starter on the left side of the machine with the Phillips screwdriver. Lift up the cover the engine and you turn around there. Remove the screw on the Starter post. Remove the pulley Assembly from the Starter cover.


Cut the old rope and remove it from the discs. Slide the new rope through the center of the pulley. Press the rope through the Starter cover hole and through the middle of the Starter handle.


Makes a node at both ends of the rope. The Starter post with a fingertip to the value of motor fat fat. Set back to the Starter post the pulley and pull the screw.


All wind but 10 inch of rope starter on the pulley. See the pulley back and forth, until spring snaps recoil on the pulley. Turn the pulley and Starter rope four to six revolutions voltage put on recoil spring.


You turn up the Starter rope and take your hand out of the pulleys, slowly let the rope wind again on the pulley. Fit Starter cover again on the chainsaw frame and drag the screws.

Tips & warnings

Recoil spring can at any time to fly. Wear safety glasses

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