Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life As a Script Reader review

Read scripts can be a great way for aspiring writers to have a good sense of history and character. Provide analysis scripts can help another writer and the reader know what the studios and production companies are studying the scripts, you can use to improve their own projects.

To earn extra money on the side of human assistant, I often plunged script reading for various manufacturing companies and organizations. The work has been consistent, because there is no shortage of scripts submitted to the agencies and studios for consideration. In general, you get a day or two to read and review the manuscript, and get paid anywhere near $ 50 per script. While money is not great, it's not a bad way to spend a few hours, especially with the hope that you are establishing strong relationships with managers of various companies to lower level (which deals with the players is usually a task for the low-level managers or assistants). Most of the script, I would say something like 85-95% of the script, they deserve a grade "pass" or the company receiving the writing that must be transmitted. Very rarely you see a good script that you can tell the company to consider. The rarest are those scripts that we recommend. If, as a reader, you can recommend a script, you better be able to defend against criticism of the script to high level managers, because they want to read the script immediately and want to know why it is recommended. If you do not agree, is the easiest way to lose your reader.

It must be very picky about the qualities that give you the scripts that you read.

Although most of the scripts read by a reader are not good, it still allows dissecting why it is not good, and what the script wrong. In this way, a reader of the best things a development framework or aspiring writer to do.