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How to get a celebrity spokesperson for a non-profit

Donations to your nonprofit bring a prominent endorsement.

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For many nonprofits, a celebrity is just the boost you need the to gain visibility for their cause and to raise funds confirmation. Obtaining is however not an easy one. The larger the celebrity, the more difficult is it to their services to get, especially, if you no nationwide organisation. Their nonprofit small and localized, you concentrate the best best on prominent, that are in your region. Spokesman requires either way, patience, endurance and excellent pitching skills get a celebrity.

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Focus a celebrity who would be at best your cause to look after. Research celebrities to find that may have a personal connection for your needs. For example, if single parents support your non-profit, in single-parent household spoken focus on celebrities, their struggles growing up. Always you on celebrities who have a tie for your non-profit area, try if it not national.


Consult the Manager or management of celebrity. If you do not already have this number you contact information have can find through their official website.


Several times to call before you expect by someone. Everyone is always trying, in contact with a celebrity for something, and the Manager is very busy. The reception can be not ready, a stressed-out Manager pass along your request, or ask you to call back another day.


Create a relationship with a kind of reception. You can delete with a reception, but a large management company have more than one, and you lucky with cooperative receptionist. He can again call you to keep, but at least he's willing to listen and to pass on your message to the Manager. Be friendly and concentrated in call only, if you know that he is.


About your nonprofit, send materials or a press kit to the Office. You can use it specifically for the cooperative receptionist address, so that it will be thrown with the other applications do not, the celebrity gets. Telephone follow up to ensure that the packet was received.


Prepare your site for the case of the celebrity management team calls you. She should briefly and succinctly answer all your questions and explain why this celebrity would be an ideal spokesperson for your nonprofit.


Negotiating the recognition with. If the celebrity obliged, your non-profit sponsor, must with the management to find out, what he and what is not, and when he will be available to do so. Some celebrities works only for a fee, even if you non-profits, so consider that as well. You have to travel also hotels and accommodation for him.

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Use all the personal connections you or someone you know may have a celebrity, to contact the person directly.

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