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How to make clothes for your Plushie

Create clothing for your Plushie with an old T-shirt.

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Plushie dolls come in all shapes and sizes, even those that you yourself make. Plushie create clothing for your is not an exact science, as two plushies are rarely identical. Fit to clothing, you must use your doll as a guide. With your Plushie body such as a makeshift women's bust will ensure that you make the clothes fit properly.

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Cut a square of Jersey fabric big enough to the upper part of your Plushie loosely wrap around. Wrap the fabric around your doll body. Hold together the two edges and create a seam along the edge sewing. Sew a straight, running stitch, pressing the PIN in two layers of fabric and out again. Be the garment at the end, unable, or not too close to your body sewing dolls.


You set the seam at the center of your Plushie back created. Using a piece of duct tape to keep the garment in position. Cut small circular shape in both arms to simulate an Armhole. Fold the fabric off 8-inch, to create a seam line. Attaching to reduce you along this line to the fabric.


Cut a part of the fabric with any form you like. Beginners should use a circle around the neck, because square cut-outs are more difficult. Fold the fabric around the neck of your Plushie way one-eighth inch and create a seam like you among the poor.


Make wide a strip of cloth one-quarter inch two belts of the Jersey by cutting. Stretch the fabric strip itself until it rolls along the edges. Cut the Strip in the middle and use these two pieces as shoulder straps for the t-shirt. Add evenly on each shoulder and tie it around the neck.


Cut a piece of Jersey fabric 2 inches larger than the size of your Plushie from body. You set the end faces of the fabric and sew along the edge. The rock on your doll and close to the top create slides a bunch. Sew with a straight stitch along this edge.


A piece of rubber to measure your Plushie doll. You Sew elastic to the Confederation of rock, stretch sew elastic in one hand, how to use the other. The bottom of skirt hem. Remove the clothing, turn it off right, and embellish it with tissue color, miniature Eisen-Ons or Schaltflächen.

Tips & warnings

Jersey fabric is very to award and will be stretched to include minor bugs.

Turn the rock in shorts by stitching a head V-shape in the area of step and remove the excess tissue.

Add sleeves to your gown by a strip of fabric cut and sew along the belt and the Armhole.

You use old T-shirts, dresses for your Plushie practice.

Do see in magazines and try to imitate the lines in the clothes you see.

Sew not too tight on the Plushie; You can sew the clothes, the doll body accidentally.

Pull the thread not too tight as you SEW; It will shrink the tissue.

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