Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adding a JPEG Image to a CBR Comic

CBR files turn a collection of JPEG images into a digital comic book.

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The CBR file extension is a special type of compressed file for digital comic book reading devices that converts a series of JPEG images into a readable comic book format. CBR files make it possible for comic book creators to distribute their work digitally without having to spend lengthy periods of time converting their files into a readable interface. Should you forget a page or need to make an addition, a CBR file can be converted back to a compressed file folder, allowing you to recompose the comic whenever necessary.

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Right-click on the CBR comic and select "rename". If you do not want to completely overwrite the file, make a copy before your rename it.


Replace the .cbr file extension with a .rar or .zip extension to convert the file format. Check your file compression software to see which file extension is compatible.


Unzip the renamed title, using your compression software. Copy and paste the JPEG image into the folder.


Compress the folder back into a .rar or .zip file using your compression software.


Change the file extension of the compressed folder back to .cbr to convert the file. The JPEG will automatically be added into your comic when you open the file with digital comic book software.

Tips & Warnings

This process also works for adding a JPEG file to a .cbz file extension, which is a similar digital comic file type.

Pages will automatically view in alpha-numeric order, so make sure the JPEG you are adding to the file is properly labeled. For example, "Page10.jpg" would come immediately after "Page1.jpg." Instead the file should read "Page01.jpg."

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