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How to make columns for a theater room

Columns can be made easily, fit to your facility.

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A column is a strong, dramatic architectural feature. Most of the houses are in size and scale for columns looking too modest. Most of you may receive a small column at the entrance to a dining room. The exception to this rule is in a theater room. A media room is to dramatic, theatre and powerful. Columns are added to, a feeling which create target and sometimes the stitching the fabric hide wall panels covered. Often a half to save column to add drama and space is. Columns is surprisingly easy and not too expensive.

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Measure the height of the ceiling. The size of the column Aheadcap and lower base, plus 1/4 inch pull off. Cut a cardboard form to this measurement. The forms are large cardboard tubes traditionally as forms for pouring concrete. They are sold in different sizes with different diameter; Select the desired size, taking into account the height of your basement, and the fact the one 2 of 4 in must fit. The forms are cost-effective and easy to cut with a utility knife.


Cut a 2-by 4-inch Board at the height of the form box. Centre the Board inside the tube. Measure the diameter of the form box.


Remove the card from the tube. Adjust cutting three small pieces for a different board inside the tube. Place a small boards on the ground horizontally and line at the bottom of the big Board. Fasten the planks together with two nails. Nail a second small card even with the top of the big 2-by 4. Nail on third Board horizontally across the middle of the big Board. The small cards have an internal structure for the box column, by you a way to the annexes to the base and Cap.


Place your column based on the place where you want to install the column. Improvement stores are sold at home column bases. It looks like a square block of wood with a circular ring around the top cut. It consists of wood or foam products.


Push the wood frame, which you previously in the cardboard column created. Are based on the column and Center it. Slide the carton to the above a few inches. Screw the bottom wood-block in the base column. Space your screws 3 inches apart. Using deck screws wood long.


Place a column ring over the top of the column. A column-ring is a wood or foam product sold at home improvement stores. The ring gap at the top of the column to hide the installation.


Place the column GAP from the ceiling directly above the column. Column caps are wood or foam products, that the above should look in the column. Many species are trim sold at home improvement stores in the section. You should have a 1/4 inch gap between the top edge of the box column and the column allow you to CAP, have to do this.


Lower the cap on the top of the column and tend the edges so that construction adhesive on the top of the CAP you can apply. Lift the CAP, which have centered on the column CAP and then press the adhesive into the ceiling.


Set wood shims between the top of the column of wooden frame and the bottom of the CAP until that is pressed Cap tightly on the ceiling by the pressure of the wood of shim. Slide the column ring to the top of the gap. The inner surface of the ring you apply glue and press the ring in position. You there with finish adding nails by the face of the ring.

Tips & warnings

Decorative columns are not designed to support weight. The column may further to which with nails through the carton in blocking finish wood support be added. Fill, prime and paint the column material for sealing, to hide inconsistencies. You can use also PVC products installed in a similar way.

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