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How to see from someone like a bird in after effects

Print this ArticleTo someone looked like a bird in after effects animate components the "Opacity" and "Path" the image of a person and the image of a bird. This effect not as realistic as the 3D see transformations, in big-budget films, but is clear and potentially enjoyable to watch it. This project is based on the animation tools in after effects, which include its Keyframing capabilities. Key frames are the start and frames of an animation sequence. If you define this framework, after effects can be the sequence of other frames.

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Click the menu "File" command "Import", then navigate to and double-click on the image of a person you want to look like a bird. After Effects loads photo for you to work with.


On the toolbar icon, click how to formed a rectangle to run the tool "Mask" and you then drag image, about the person received the rectangle around it. Click on the symbol icon shaped as, run the tool "Path", handles dragging a feather pen the rectangle, the rectangle outline of person fit.


Click the menu "File" command "Import", then navigate to and double-click on the image of a bird, in which you change, to the person.


The item "Mask" in the time bar window, then click on the stopwatch icon next to the "path" element, and click on the stopwatch icon next to the label "Opacity". Set keyframes for the mask, which make its shape and transparency can change over the course of the animation for these actions.


Drag the vertical bar in the timeline panel at least 15 frames to the right to the brand "current time" ahead of the animation. Enter "0" in the text box on the right side for the label "Opacity" in the time bar window to indicate that the image in the mask to fade over time, the animation is to be achieved the current frame.


At any point of the mask in the composition window, drag the mask outline to correspond to that change by the bird image.


Drag the bar "Time stamp for the current time" Center 1 rewind of the animation, then create a different mask, which position and form the first mask in this context. Set keyframes for the "Opacity" and "Path" of the second Panel, as the first elements. Also, enter the number on the right side of the "visibility" name for the new mask "0" in the time bar window. This makes the bird invisible at the beginning of the animation.


You drag the brand "current time" on the right side by the same amount it moved the person animating the mask. You use the tool "Pen" to the second mask may refer to: the shape of a bird, like you is the first Panel. Enter "100" in the number in the time bar window of the label "opacity" is located on the right side. This indicates that you the bird picture should be displayed at this point in the animation.


Click on the Preview Panel "Play" button to the image of the person, that change in the bird.

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