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As a puppet stage for Biblical times

The puppet stage is usually an opening in which the puppets appear proscenium.

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Many ministries have taken the art of puppetry as part of the range for children and adults alike. Puppet stages very portable and used many stories tell be. When used in the first place for Bible stories, Ministers can decorate the stage with biblical motives and a basic, Adaptive background the puppet. Attaching durable cloth on a section of wood or plastic provides a curtain-like setting that sets the scene. The cloth can create decorations much versatility as it is simple, things create the cloth to various looks temporarily attach.

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Choose a color scheme. Choose neutral colors which allows you to scenes, as well as those with lush vegetation, more create desert. Identify secondary colors to help you create interior scenes such as throne room, the Interior of tents and Temple rooms.


Set the stage with a cloth. Cut you the neutral-colored cloth large enough, so that it stage structure covers the puppet and is loose enough that you different characters and set pieces on it for each story PIN or can show. Add a cloth with color across the top of the structure for holiday shows such as purple red at Christmas or Easter.


Recording you represent the set of the ancient landscape. You are the painted device behind the puppet map proscenium or opening for the dolls to move. Alternatively, projecting scenes on the proscenium and track them or enlarge you pictures and print you set out.


Select set pieces, the setting up of the biblical time and place. Match set pieces of history such as such as a crib for the Christmas story, the Ark of the Treaty and walls for the story of Joshua in Jericho or a tree-lined road to the story of Zaccheus and the Sycamore. You place these set pieces on the stage puppet, make sure that they are proportional to the dolls. Select to clog the small room for the dolls representative pieces.


Draw a character with old-style lettering and a biblical motif. Mount the characters above onstage puppet.

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