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How to bind hand's own comics

Print this ArticleDespite a wish, their investments, comic book find to protect collectors often are their comic books in plastic bags in a nondescript cardboard hidden in some remote place. An alternative storage method is to bind these valuable editions. You can perform the binding process itself and thereby preserve your comic books.

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Collect the volumes that you want to bind. Use the straight edge and craft knife attached cut off spines of the comic books over 1/8 inch from the edge.


Remove all unwanted sites, such as viewing or letters.


You stack the pages clean, make sure that the vertebral column itself is.


Wrap a piece of sturdy cardboard to the comics, wrinkles heavily on the spine. Make the spine no longer than about two centimeters thick. Trim as needed, and remove the cover for the time being.


Cover of the spine of the comics with bindery glue or rubber cement, ensuring not to the get any of the images.


You do the map coverage around the comics, has pressing against the spinal column.


On the spine and a heavy wooden block, are the comics on both sides of the book to keep straight the pages and coverage. Let dry.

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How to get more experience with bindery, you can experiment with various cover materials, cloth bindings and stitched pages.

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