Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Use Makeup for a TV Interview

Take studio lights into consideration when applying your makeup before an interview.

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When you're on the stage of a talk show or on the set of the nightly news, you should look your absolute best. Makeup for television is different from the kind women wear every day -- and for some men, it might be the only type of makeup they will ever wear. When you're applying makeup for television, remember to apply it with a light hand -- no makeup is better than too much makeup.

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Apply powder to your entire face. Use powder that matches your skin tone, and make sure to cover the most oily parts -- your nose and forehead -- because the shine will be exacerbated by the lights in the studio. Also, powder will help soak up any sweat caused by the heat of the stage lights. If you are balding, powder your head, too, so it doesn't shine.


Apply lip balm to help keep your lips from drying out under the hot studio lights. Use lipstick or lip gloss that complements your skin tone and attire if you want.


Brush eye shadow across your eyelids. Line the upper and lower lashes with eyeliner, but be sure not to go too heavy on either, and make sure both complement your skin tone and don't overpower your natural features; the point of makeup is to enhance them.


Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. Some men may want to do this, as well, to help bring out their eyes.


Brush blush or bronzer on your cheeks to make sure you don't look too pale on camera. Studio lights have a tendency to wash your skin out.

Tips & Warnings

Be prepared to do your own makeup in case the studio you're in doesn't have makeup artists on hand. If you're going to be on TV often, consider buying your own professional-grade makeup from lines such as MAC, Smashbox or Studio Gear. If you're unsure of what would work best for you, consult a makeup artist at a department or beauty supply store.

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