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How to Hatch Mime Jr. in "Pokemon"

FoodHomeStyleMoneyFamilyHealthShiftMore This SeasonSimplify the SeasonTailgating HomeArts & EntertainmentEntertainmentMimeHow to Hatch Mime Jr. in "Pokémon"How to Hatch Mime Jr. in "Pokémon"Print this articleMr. Mime, a psychic-type Pokemon that first appeared in the "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Blue" games, was thought for years to have no other evolutions or forms. Pre-evolutions, or baby Pokemon, were introduced in later games. Mr. Mime's pre-evolution is a baby Pokemon called Mime Jr. It is difficult to capture a Mime Jr. in the wild, so the best way to get one is by breeding and hatching the resulting egg. To get a Mime Jr. egg, give a Mr. Mime an Odd Incense to hold, then breed it with a Ditto or a female Mr. Mime.

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Obtain an Odd Incense. In "Pokemon Diamond," "Pokemon Pearl" and "Pokemon Platinum," you can find an Odd Incense in the Solaceon Ruins. In "Pokemon HeartGold" and "Pokemon SoulSilver," look for an Odd Incense in Cerulean Cave. In "Pokemon Black" and "Pokemon White," you can buy an Odd Incense for $9,600 from the Driftveil Market.


Catch one male Mr. Mime and one female Mr. Mime. Alternatively, catch one Mr. Mime of either gender and one genderless Ditto.


Give one of the Mr. Mimes, either female or male, the Odd Incense to hold. Take the Mr. Mime pair -- or one Mr. Mime and a Ditto -- to a Pokemon Daycare.


Talk to the daycare owner repeatedly, until you receive an egg from the breeding pair. This may take up to one day.


Walk around with the Mr. Mime egg in your party. After your character takes about 6,600 steps, the egg hatches.

Tips & Warnings

Your egg hatches a bit faster, if you ride your bike everywhere instead of walking. If you have a Pokemon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body ability, every step you take counts as two steps.

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