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How to clean a sieve on a faucet AquaSource

Use vinegar to a faucet to clean screens.

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A AquaSource faucet line strainer is located within the aerator. The rain flap holding debris such as sand out of his way through the valve, which in turn prevents you taking it. In the course of time, or if an outer pipe be repaired, a larger amount of dirt can its way through the water system and into your faucet. Large amounts of dirt are to catch on the sieve and prevent or slow down the flow of water. How to remove the ventilator and cleaning sieve will solve this problem.

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Examine the faucet spout, aerator, find the round shape and is situated at the point where water flows out.


Drape a thin piece of cloth over the pliers jaw and teeth and add it to the aerator. Verify that the cloth between the pincer teeth and the aerator is clamped, so that the teeth make material characters in the tap.


By turning in a clockwise direction with the tongs, remove the frit. Stop using the pliers as soon as the frit, is loose enough to turn by hand. Threaded aerators the rest of the way by hand, until it comes out of the faucet body.


Sack finger through the frit in removing components. Rinse sieve with water to remove large debris. Soft screen and the other components of the aerators in distilled white vinegar, if they have calcium deposits.


Once again you build it, the clean aerators and thread back on the faucet body. Drag the frit with the pliers and cloth. Test faucet by turning on the water.

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