Monday, December 5, 2011

How to make a fake UFO for Halloween

Make a UFO to spice up your Halloween decorations.

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Halloween is a holiday to dress up as any other person or character, eating sweets and, of course, orange and black with Jack-o-lanterns or skeletons decorate. Added to your Halloween decorations to decorate for a party or to your garden flavor a unidentified flying object or UFO. If you crafty, or are a little cash, you make your own UFO with common household materials, the does not cost much money or take a long time.

Similar keywords: difficulty: moderate EasyInstructions things youll Needham paper plate Scotch tape dome-shaped ContainerPaint, markers or CrayonsSuggest Edits1

Put a plate of paper on a table, and set a different plate up to him on the head with the edges lined up.


Glue the edges with tape. Use enough tape to the Interior completely closed to keep taping at regular intervals along the edges.


Turn your dome-shaped container, such as a clear plastic bowl or dish, on disks and tape it down.


Color or color the UFO as desired. Make designs on them, or draw a basic flat color such as black.

Tips & warnings

Solve your UFO like a frisbee, or use a string hanging from the ceiling.

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