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Create stand-up shower

A simple glass block shower is an easy way to update your bathroom without spending a fortune.

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Because of high costs often associated with bad features can house and apartment owners independently address them projects on their own can. Creating a stand-up shower is not a simple project, but with the right materials and preparation, it is possible for the average homeowner it completed successfully. The key to building a stand-up shower is your design and optimized to keep and an easy-to-work-with material such as glass block select.

Related queries: difficulty: ModerateInstructions things you'll NeedRaised square shower PanReciprocating SawConstruction AdhesiveFine-grain of SandpaperDamp ClothGlass block MortarDrill of powered MixerColored tape (optional) small TrowelGlass block level rubber MalletMortar BagSuggest Edits1

Prepare the area in which you your stand-up shower through the installation of an elevated place shower pan, one currently in place does not want to install. Positioning the shower pan of the drain pipe, whether the pipe must be in order for the Pan flat sitting be trimmed. If it detaches the tube with a reciprocating saw, then the bottom of the Pan shower coat and the cement board inferior in the bathroom floor with construction adhesive. Press the Pan shower set is locked.


Napping on the surface of the elevated shower Pan edge with fine grain sandpaper to accept it, to prepare the mortar. Sand just enough to remove the glossy coating on the Pan shower then wipe off the dust with a damp cloth.


Mix a batch of glass block mortar in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, stir it with a drill to remove powered mixer for all lumps. White mortar is most often used to create glass showers, but you can a different color.


The part of the shower pan, to enter and leave the shower open to allow as a means to measure. Select the opening on the Pan shower with two pieces of colored tape.


A 1/2-inch layer of mortar on the shower Pan spread edge. You start in the corner closest to the wall-if your shower pan in a Ecke--has been installed and put up with a small trowel mortar. Make sure the space between the two colored tape, clean leave.


Press your first glass blocks left in the mortar near the corner of 1/2-inch space between the block and the wall. Set additional blocks in accordance with the first press it gently in the mortar and about 1/2-inch space between each block leave. Balance between the peaks of adjacent pairs of blocks to ensure that all of them are installed in the same amount.


Install glass block with a final end when you reach the edge of the shower opening. These blocks give your shower more open finished. If you later want to install a shower door, enough standard glass blocks in the vicinity of the opening.


Still, continued the mortar and place the glass blocks, until you have completed the first line on both sides of the shower opening. Check the blocks with your level, and fits you needs by tapping blocks in the mortar with a rubber mallet to.


Fill bag mortar with mortar, and press the mortar in the spaces in between the glass blocks and the column of blocks closest to the wall and the wall itself. When finished, a 1/2-inch layer of mortar above on the first line of the blocks, and install a second series of blocks directly at the beginning of the first line.


Their walls shower by installing additional rows of blocks divided by 1/2-inch thick layers of mortar building. When you reach the last row your stand-up shower, install you end up at the top of a series of blocks with finished.


Go over the entire surface of the shower with the mortar bag, fill gaps that you might have missed. When finished, all excess mortar wipe, then dry the mortar 72 hours before using your new stand-up shower can be with a damp cloth.

Tips & warnings

It is possible to build stand-up showers with curved glass blocks, but standard 4-by 4-inch or 6-by 6-inch square blocks are the simplest to use. If you sprinkle coloured or glass blocks to the clear one Matt your shower to dramatic effect.

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