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How to cut your clothing to make it more interesting

Cut an old pair of jeans for trendy new shorts.

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You have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, if you the same deconstructed style with little effort and no can get extra cash. Less is more, if you cut old clothes from the wardrobe and reusing them. Scissors to a tired T-shirt or a simple pair of jeans and with some cutouts, turn heads with a completely new look.

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Use permanent marker, draw a new pattern on a T-shirt, sweatshirt and denim jeans. Draw not your lines is too high, as your cuts will roll up the material to shrink.


Cut off you create a new look necklines and sleeves below their seams. The soils of the tops and jeans schnippelnden create belly shirts, tanks, shrugs and shorts. For a retro 80's neck a baggy Sweatshirt of inclination, yielding a shoulder Sweatshirt peak through in sexy, dancer-like way deconstructs, la Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance", cut off.


Stretch, the you cut. As a result, cotton fabrics, cone, masking is unevenness.


Tumble dry shirts in low, so that the tissue for a rollup stop. Shorts can raggedy, remain cuffed and ironed or sewn for themselves more equipped.

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Create Racerback tank tops cut a T-shirt for inside on the upper back of the sleeve.

Trousers turn marking, in shorts, use a ruler. This helps keep also both legs.

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