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How to look like Justin Bieber for Halloween

Print this ArticleJustin Bieber is one of the most famous teen idols in pop culture, and as such makes a simple person to dress up as for Halloween. His wardrobe is quite simple, so that you might not even need to buy something to dress up as Justin Bieber. The most important part which clothes to get perfect hair, because that is its most important feature.

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Wash you your hair and combing them with your bangs hovers over the forehead and swooping on the right side of the face.


Föhnen your hair with a comb to keep your pony swooping to the right. If your hair is curly and use not drying you a hair straighteners to Bieber hair look like to get.


Buy a wig and wear it if your hair is not the correct length for the Justin Bieber look. Are looking for a wig Bieber style or get a wig with long hair and scissors and Hairspray to make it look like his hair.


You wear a plain T-shirt, a zipper Hoodie zipped up about two-thirds of way, a few young style, pretty tight-fitting jeans and sneakers basic young. If you want to wear a certain Bieber look, you will find clothing, sees what he wears in a music video or a certain slide.


Accessories for a pair of sunglasses and a microphone.

Tips & warnings

If you have some female friends that help you with your costume want, have it Justin Bieber fan T-shirts carry and follow you scream and swoon.

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