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It is incredibly frustrating, a load of laundry only to find out that an element not colourfast and dye other clothes bled has to wash. A small amount of preparation with a few household products can the dye a washable garment in the middle and make it safe for future washing. Take the time, a garment make true you save much time and effort in the future.

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You test the garment for color-fastness, by getting an inside seam wet. Rub the area carefully with a white cotton ball to see whether one of the color transfers. This is the case, remove the garment from the wash load be handled.


Fill a clean bucket with 1 liter of water. 2/3 Cup vinegar and stir thoroughly to mix.


Soak the garment in vinegar solution and leave for 15 minutes before laundering it on its own water soak in it. Dry the item to the highest heat for the material to set the color more allowed.


Again, test the dried piece of clothing with the cotton ball. If there is still evidence of dye, the steps again until the color and you can to wash the item with other clothes.

Tips & warnings

Follow always the water temperatures and money-laundering instructions on a piece of clothing that attempting to set a color.

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