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How to create a fake transom window

A skylight window is to light.

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A skylight window is attached to a window above a door. Mirrors are in light and, in the case of hinged mirror, fresh air. One fake rear can be done with mirrors and can thus not in the light or fresh air, but it reflects light back from the space that it faces. Heck to make more realistic this window, you hang two mirror-on each side of the door.

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Measure of room above the door, and determine the dimensions of the rear.


Cut out the pages from back edge of the mirror trim molding, that the forms of the entrance is received your rear. Cut you 45-degree angle in the forms with a saw miter, so is the forms at the corners.


Glue the trim shapes together at the corners provide a framework for the rear. Keep the corners together with terminals, while the glue dries. When the glue is dry, folders you the corners together on the back, with a staple gun. Fill all cracks between the joints in the forms with PuTTY.


Paint that will use for the framework and the screen forms that later forms. Use spray paint or a House colour, which is the same as the forms to your input. Both sides of the frame, so that the mirror behind it is the color of the border and not the color to paint the forest unfinished.


A mirror, which fits into the hole in the frame, but is not displayed, to find the outer edge of the frame. In mirror are good for them. Remove the border around the mirror, if available.


Glue the mirror on the back of the frame rear with a strong glue. The reflective side of the mirror should be outward face.


Cutting the screen molding vertically in the frame fits. The screen molding will serve to divide the scope into areas. Use two or three bars of screen injection molding, depending on the length of your back and your own personal preferences. Space the shapes evenly over the stern so that equal fields, the glass is divided then paste the screen casting into place. Use just a little glue, to prevent escape on the pages.


Screw you two D-Ring tabs on the back of the frame at the top so that the rear of the door can hang.

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