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Circus performer makeup ideas

Circus makeup offers a larger-than-life quality of service.

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Circus performer makeup is indispensable for boosting the sense of fantasy and magic to every show. Make-up helps a fantasy-based Wesen--a fairy or spirit, such as the appearance of a standard turn exporting. Keep in mind that circus makeup not is a performer to see younger or older; rather to improve effect to stunning their natural conditions.

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Bold make-up is a cornerstone for successful circus performances. Application bright and bold make-up-allows you for example together with false eyelashes,-observer sit in your natural properties without seeing effort sit back in the tent. Heavy cosmetics to protect your face from the intensity of the circus ring lights. The reflective quality of makeup is more likely that your face and body of all in the set are considered.

Fairy tale

Painting your face with fairy tale qualities gives your body energy and Angel attribute. Expand eyeliner in a horizontal way out from the corners of your eyes can create such as the enchanted flower vines. Covering the lid of the eye with purple eyeliner is purple flowers and flower buds that "Blossom" improve every vine from the. Curl up the vines on the forehead and cheeks eye make-up with your face decoration merge.


Cast of your attachments in animal skin is possible with stage make-up. Fitting the spotted Cheetah pattern of your shirt, for example, to an identical outline on your face gives the impression that are body and make up part of the same "skin". Coating your lips and fingernails, or with black lipstick and Polish, while yellow and orange, shading extends your hands and feet with colors the animal transformation in all attachments.


Headband, arcs, and hair ties are for long locks of cast and keep draping in your eyes. Coating hair with mousse or gel contains a robust and rigid hold, so they reflective in the highlights. Matching your bow with the pattern of a body suit, for example, or the shimmering qualities of face glitter helps your hair with the overall look for your makeup, intending to merge.

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