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How a MIME sketch

Costumes can play a role in a MIME sketch.

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An original MIME sketch allows an actor to show their skills and entertain your guests. The art of MIME is the silence. The traditional MIME tells a story without words. It uses expression and movement to link a message or to act. Create a skit for facial expressions depends on several factors, including time, space and the audience.

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Make a list of your MIME skills. A MIME skills learned and practiced in the course of time to perfection. List all situational movements such as climbing a rope or against a wall.


Map your skills in a story. Sure exactly to, the list of capabilities. Imagine how they can fit together. For example, tells a wall hit, sitting and thinking idea and then a climbing rope come up with a an escape. You could reverse the actions to extend the story, and rise again in the box.


Add music, the sketch. For external performance, music may be not possible. Choose music for a staged performance to accompany the silent movements.


Enter into practice and the basic story. For example, is part of the story movement a way of thinking and then idea, repeat the movement several times with a negative head shake in between. Bump the wall can how tapping movements or extended actions such as trying to bottom and otherwise knock the wall lead. Use as many skills as possible to the basic story.

Tips & warnings

Consider a costume. While many mimes choose wear only black and white, a colorful costume should, if the story fits.

Not offend an audience. Keep suitable all movements and skills for each audience.

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