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Makeup Tips to Hide Jowls and the Neckline When on the Stage

Print this articleStage makeup has a variety of uses when applied to theater. It's useful when concealing problem areas on an actor's face and also when adding problem areas to an actor's face to make him appear older or more sinister. If you want to conceal the actor's jowls and neckline area, use basic makeup, but heavily apply it, since the actor will be on stage.

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Remove any makeup that you have on. Apply water to your face, followed by soap or face cleanser, then remove it with more water. If you're not wearing street makeup, you should still wash your face with these items, as they clean the face to prepare for stage makeup application.


After the face is clean, apply foundation to the jowl and neckline area. Since you're trying to cover up these areas, make sure that the foundation is the same color as the actor you apply it to. If you don't have the correct color, mix the colors you have until you get the right tone.

Liquid Highlighter

You can hide the jowls by applying liquid highlighter to your jowl lines with a concealer brush. Some liquid highlighters also come in a pen-like applicator, allowing for simpler use. This product will make the lines less deep and create a smoother appearance.

Fluid Concealer

Fluid concealer can also be applied to the problem areas on your jowl and neckline. Since you're applying it for the stage, apply more than the usual amount.

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