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Decorate as you look like the 1900's

Furniture made of dark wood with straight lines was popular in the 1900s.

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Home styles in the 1900s fell into four main categories. Many houses still retain the Victorian decor of the previous century, while many newer homes were built and decorated with modern prefabricated furniture and style. Arts and Crafts movement, bungalow, and mission-style accommodation and the origins of modern American architecture all shared similar themes and started in the 1900s. Whether you decorate an ancient House and want to keep your home decor style or just looking for an aesthetic 1900s, there are certain things that your House will give the right look.

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Select a specific of the 1900's. If you more elaborate decor dear or a House, the 1900s older than decoration, are Victorian institution the best choice. More modern mission style is better suited for a bungalow, arts and crafts, or mission-style home.


Visit antique shops and online furniture dealer for examples of furniture from the 1900's. If your budget allows it, you buy cabinets and chairs authentic establishment as padded Victorian sofas or Stickley. Modern reproductions and furniture inspired by the 1900's help the look for less get. Look for solid wood pieces with clean lines and simple, but powerful forms.


Room with decorations in the 1900s popular to embellish. Stained glass Windows or lamps, used floral carpets and tiles all decorative similarities in the 1900s. Wallpaper were prints decorated often in muted colours but featured floral designs. Living room of the 1900s were typically a piano; Looking for an antique or a basic wooden support.


Modern amenities with 1900s era without prejudice to cover. Lamps instead of overhead lights and you cover to light switches with wall lights. Use a fireplace, fireplace or a TV show.


Include 1900s set up in the bedroom. In the 1900s, iron bed were as hygienic as wooden bed frames. You use iron or other metal bed frames. Part of the century touch a laundry pedestal sink at the bedside of a further turnaround.

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You can see movies or shows ideas set in the 1900s for the decoration.

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