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How to Stop Synchro Summons

Print this articleThe main gameplay elements of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” video and card games changed dramatically with the introduction of the 5Ds expansion series. The game designers added synchro summoning, the ability to combine two or more monsters onto your field into a single powerful creature, and powerful synchro monsters began to dominate the tournament scene. Whether you play the video or card version of the game, stopping synchro monsters remain a priority.

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Destroy opposing monsters to prevent the required materials for a fusion. Your opponent requires at least two monsters on the field to use a synchro summon. Spells such as Raigeki and traps suchas Mirror Force directly eliminate opposing threats. Alternatively, you can destroy any monster with the tuner attribute. Players must include at least one monster with the tuner attribute when summoning a synchro monster.


Play counter trap cards that negate special summons. The Horn of Heaven and Black Horn of Heaven cards prevent any special summon by destroying the summoned monster. This means that your opponent must still send her tuner monster and other monsters required to the graveyard, but then loses the summoned synchro monster as well.


Summon effect monsters with the ability to negate synchro summons. Thunder King Rai-Oh sacrifices itself to prevent special summons, including synchro summoning. The T.G. Halberd Cannon can negate any summon once per turn. This includes normal summons, fusion summons, special summons and synchro summoning.


Use the Royal Oppression continuous trap. Royal Oppression presents a possible hazard to both players as either may use it to prevent special summons by her opponent. This allows you to lock down an opponent’s special synchro monsters, but she may sacrifice 800 life points per monster to prevent your summons as well.

Tips & Warnings

Look for beneficial effects on cards with the ability to prevent summons. For example, T.G. Halberd Cannon can also prevent your opponent from drawing additional cards to quickly bring more tuner monsters into play.

Be careful with cards that prevent only one summon per turn. An opponent may use synchro summoning multiple times if she still has tuner monsters on the field.

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