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As one cute punk rocker clothing at home

Punk rock clothing brackets are fishing nets and combat boots.

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If you decide you like the punk rock style, but have no money for a whole new wardrobe, transform you, the clothes you already have. Copy, cut and decorate your clothes with silver rivets go a long way to the made it look like more punk. Transform your wardrobe with the help of a few cheap punk rock accessories. A trip to your local chain store ideas and record store sew for T-shirts and patches need Association punk in a very short time.

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RIP several large holes in a pair of fishnet tights and wear them under a minipill or truncated black Jean shorts. Attract the tights, and then your finger in two of the holes FishNet hook. Drag the holes of each other away to tear the threads between them.


PIN safety pins in T-shirts, jeans and sweater. Make safety pin bracelets by sewing the ends of a piece of black elastic open pins and close them all around the rubber band. Fill the entire band, with safety pins, then drag it to your wrist and your hand carry.


Cut your T-shirts. The quintessential punk T-shirt is black, adorned with the name of a punk band and be destroyed with scissors. You cut the neckband, arm bands and bottom separator bar the shirt, routes you are out the neck and wear the shirt so that it falls your shoulder. As an alternative, make a vertical cut and several smaller horizontal cuts on the back of the shirt then you pull together the horizontal stripes and bind them in knots to keep the shirt on your body.


Sew you patches on your jeans or jackets. Punk music stores often sell cloth patches with names and logos of punk bands. Use embroidery thread, the patches by hand sew on DIY look for a rough, black.


Connect metal studs on jeans, belts, shoes, wrist cuffs and everything else, that they accept. Select silver pyramid studs for a classic punk look.

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