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How to set up a super hero costume

Create this costume on the cheap for your little superheroes.

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Dressing up as a superhero is a popular and inspiring way to celebrate Halloween. Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Mr. incredible are all great options for children and adults alike. Some prefabricated costumes cost you upwards of $50, and likely even more as a Halloween last. Make your own costume with clothes in your wardrobe and a bit of tapes. If you do not easily wear bathing suit leggings and a spandex or underwear, wear tight-fitting sweat pants instead. Choose clothing that is the same color, which is the Super Heroes and use tape in contrasting colour. First, a good picture of your find favorite Super Heroes.

Related queries: difficulty: EasyInstructions things you Needham Leggings or sweat PantsSpandex swimsuit or UnderwearTight, long-sleeved ShirtGlovesCotton fabric for cape1/2, 1-inch wide channel or mask of TapeHi-top SocksSuggest Edits1

Put your shirt on a table or other flat surface.


Letters on the front of t-Shirts cut pieces of the band creating the superhero and paste it on the shirt, they overlap a curved letter may create. If a logo is the Super Heroes, overlap you and cut the Ribbon to recreate the shape of the emblem.


Set to the Leggings or sweat pants.


Rely on the t-Shirt and stuck it in his pants.


The socks on and plug the Leggings into them.


Set to the spandex bathing suit or underwear.


Make your Cape. To study the Cape on your superhero. Measure your shoulders, and then double that measurement to determine the width of the Cape. Set how far you want to hang the Cape to your back. Then, you enable an additional 1 to 2 meters, as you will bind it around the neck. Once you have your sorted Cape and then cut, tie it around the neck on a duplicate nodes.

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