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How to Get the Clown on "Toontown"

FoodHomeStyleMoneyFamilyHealthShiftMore This SeasonSimplify the SeasonTailgating HomeArts & EntertainmentEntertainmentClownsHow to Get the Clown on "Toontown"How to Get the Clown on "Toontown"Print this articleDisney's "Toontown Online" massively multiplayer online role-playing game uses tasks as the primary method for advancing in the game. Your character is given tasks by the non-playable characters you'll find scattered throughout the game. One of those tasks is given by Loony Louis, the owner of "Used Clown Cars." He asks you to find four clown tires. Completing the task helps you on your way to acquiring the medium pouch. A medium pouch allows you to carry more gags, which you use to battle Cogs in the game.

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Go into the "Used Clown Cars" shop on Silly Street in Toontown Central and speak to Loony Louis. He'll give you the task of fishing the four clown tires from the pond in the Toontown Central playground. The "Used Clown Cars" shop is located between "Funny Money Savings & Loan" and "Frank's Pranks."


Move to the Toontown Central playground and walk onto any of the open docks around the lake. When you walk to the edge of the dock, in front of the water, your character pulls out his fishing rod and a red button with the word "Cast" over it appears on your character. All characters start with a fishing rod; you don't need to pick one up before fishing.


Click and hold the red "Cast" button. A yellow arrow appears over the button. The arrow indicates the direction of the cast and the amount of power you're using to cast. A short, fat arrow indicates a less powerful cast. A long, thin arrow indicates a more powerful cast.


Move the mouse backwards to increase the power, and to the left and right to change the direction of the cast.


Release the mouse button to cast. If you catch a clown tire, a window appears with the message "You Caught: Clown Car Tire." Click the red circle at the bottom of the message to exit the window and continue fishing. If you don't catch anything, the "Cast" button reappears, allowing you to cast again.


Cast all over the lake until you catch all four clown car tires.


Click the blue "Exit" button at the bottom right corner of the screen after catching all four tires and return to the "Used Clown Cars" shop to complete the task. Disney Toontown OnlineStratics: Toontown Online StraticsRead Next:

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